Nov 15, 4 years ago

ECU Offering $25 Scheels Gift Cards for Player Referral

ECU Offering $25 Scheels Gift Cards for Player Referral

We need your help! We have four club teams still in need of a few more members in order to fill out their roster. Specifically, we are looking for U9 boys, U12 boys*, U13 girls* and U14 girls. Please talk to your friends and family about the great opportunity to develop better soccer skills and have lots of fun through playing soccer with ECU.

Yes, it’s true! If you refer a player to ECU, and notify Donna Springer via email, prior to that player turning in their registration, you will receive a $25 Scheels Gift Card. Simply send a note to Donna with your name, the player’s name and age group, and she will make note of it. If that player registers and is placed on a team, you will receive your gift card.

Thank you!
ECU Board of Directors

* For these teams, a player one year younger could also qualify.

Additional Information:
1. The referral program is specific to the there age groups listed above because they need more players in order to field a team for the year, but we also have space available in a few other age groups. Any questions, ask Donna and she can tell you specifically if there is space in a certain age group.

2. The registration form contains details on the ECU programs and costs. It is available at, under the Forms and Documents menu, called “Player Registration Form”.

3. New this year: For the older age groups/teams, the club may ask for experience and/or demonstration of ability and athleticism.

4. The spirit of this offer is to create a fun reward for helping fellow club members. Any concerns about the way the offer is structured or implemented should be directed to Lucinda Kemmet,

Nov 8, 4 years ago

Welcome 2 New Coach Directors to ECU

Welcome 2 New Coach Directors to ECU

We are very pleased to announce that Eau Claire United has hired Sean Yengo, as Coach
Director, and Eric Wirth, Assistant Coach Director. The two will be sharing responsibilities of a
part-time position responsible for developing and running player development programs,
recruiting, training and mentoring club coaches and promoting membership growth. Sean & Eric
will be establishing and developing the club’s coaching philosophy. They share a common
belief in the importance of development of a complete soccer player in order to produce the
most competitive teams possible.

Sean Yengo has been the UWEC Women’s Soccer Head Coach since 1996. He has developed
a very successful program through excellence in recruiting, staffing and coaching. Sean is also
the Director of the UWEC Residential Soccer Camp and a Physical Education teacher at
UWEC. Sean has four kids all who have been or will be involved with ECU as well as many
other sports. He’s a very successful triathlete and marathon competitor.

Eric Wirth is a native Eau Claire soccer player. He has 8+ years of coaching experience in Eau
Claire United, at Memorial High School and at numerous camps. He is an accomplished player
himself, participating in state tournaments for ECU and ECASD and national tournaments for
UWEC Club Soccer.

Sean & Eric have great visions for the future of ECU and we are thrilled to have them join our
club. You will see them at ECU programs this winter and helping with training programs
throughout the spring & summer season. Feel free to introduce yourself and welcome them to
their new roles. We intend to have a club spring season kick-off in March/April and that will also
be an opportunity to meet them.