Feb 25, 3 years ago

High School Girls Summer Season

High School Girls Summer Season

ECU is pleased to announce a great opportunity for Chippewa Valley High
School girls to improve their soccer skills while having fun this summer!

Teams: ECU will be forming two high school girls’ teams (U15-U18) for summer tournament play.
• Upper level team [Red Team], with the intention of competing in 2 or possibly 3
tournaments including one College Showcase tournament. Competition primarily
in July.
• Second team [White Team], with the intention of starting practices in late
May/early June and playing 3-4 tournaments total in June/July.

Coaches: Sean Yengo, ECU Coach Director, is finalizing the coaching staff. Sean is available
to coach in June, if team coaches are not able to start yet. The first choice is to bring in coaches
from all area high schools. ECU Club Coaches are also possibilities. If you have questions,
please contact Sean, see below.

Fees: $125 Registration and Club Fees + Tournament Fees (depending on number/type) +
Coach Fee (estimated $25-75 per player, depending on team) + $25 Uniform rental if needed.

Next Steps:
1. Register online at www.ecusoccer.org and pay $125 by March 9th at 9 pm to be included
in Tryouts and Team Formation.

2. Attend tryouts:
• 3/10: 8-10pm
• 3/13: 8:30-10pm, if necessary
• Attend both, if possible
• Teams announced by 3/17.

3. Attend team meeting on Tuesday, 3/25 @ 7p to discuss practice & tournament schedule.

Additional Information:
– Teams will be formed primarily based on ability, but also taking age into account.
– You may request to not be considered for the upper level, Red Team, if you prefer.
– As we did last year, players will have the opportunity to select tournaments that they
want to participate in because we anticipate having extra girls on the rosters. If you are
only interested in 1-2 tournaments, it is ok. Please indicate that at tryouts.

Contacts for Questions:
Alex Beuning or Sean Yengo with questions about tryouts or coaching (Sean).
Donna Springer with general or registration questions.
Lucinda Kemmet with general or uniform questions.

ECU’s programs and teams exist for the improvement and enjoyment of the players, so your
feedback is very valuable.

Feb 25, 3 years ago

Update Your Information!

Update Your Information!

!IMPORTANT! Please log into League One (to the right) and update your email address and player pass picture. If you do not have the correct email address in League One, you may miss important club information. Also, if you have not uploaded a picture for your player pass, please do so! It is very helpful to our hardworking team managers to have the pictures pre-printed on the passes.

Feb 24, 3 years ago



For those players who are new and need a uniform or returning and need replacement pieces to their uniforms for spring season, please see below:

– New uniform orders must be placed by March 10th. If you have already paid (online or via check), you still need to turn in a form! There is a “try-on” night on March 3rd from 6-7 and March 10th from 7-8 if you need to look at sizes. The cost for a new uniform kit is $76.00. If you are interested in a “Gently Used” uniform, please indicate that on the form. The cost will be $35 for a gently used kit, which will include new socks.

– Orders are placed by turning in the attached form at the ECU office by March 10th.

– If you have a used uniform that is in good condition and you would like to try to sell, please contact lucindakemmet@me.com by March 10th. Please tell indicate the size and number on the jersey.

** ECU cannot guarantee the availability of used uniforms. The jersey number must match what is available.

Uniform Order Form

Any questions, please email lucindakemmet@me.com or call/text Lucinda at 720-272-6743.