Coach and Trainer Biographies

David Ripplinger
Boys U12 C2, U13 C2

I started coach at the UWEC Ultimate Soccer Camp the summer before my freshman year in college which was in 2008.  I have 1 year of experience coaching a full team and 6 years of UWEC Ultimate Soccer Camp Coach experience. I was a player from the age of 10 until I was 17 years old (1999-2007). I have an E coaching license.  I have a ton of playing awards from multiple tournament victories to MVP Awards won, to leading my team is scoring and assist award won. My favorite soccer moment would be as a player when my ECU C1 Soccer Team won the MYSA State Soccer Tournament in 2004 when I was 14 years old. I think the person that I try to coach the most like would be Terry Albrecht. I had Terry as a coach when I was from the age of 10 until I was 14. I want the players that I coach to become the best soccer players they can possibly be learning every skill they will need to be successful at the next level. I absolutely love this game and it brings me more joy than anything I have ever had in my life. I want to pass the joy of this game onto my players that I coach. “Obstacles only become visible when you lose sight of the Goal” I think this quote has to do both with life and with the game of soccer.

Alex Glittenberg
Boys U12 C2
This is my first year coaching, I hold an E coaching license.  I have been playing soccer for 10 years for Eau Claire United. I started playing soccer when I was about 5. At the age of 8 I started playing in Eau Claire United with a U9 team. I have played every year with Eau Claire United at the C2 and C1 levels. As a freshman in high school I started on JV and got moved up to varsity at the end of my JV season. I started my next 3 years of high school soccer on varsity. My coaches that I have had are the ones that have shaped my coaching philosophy. The two coaches that have really influenced my coaching philosophy are my two high school coaches. My philosophy is to never be “good enough”. I think everyone should strive for excellence in every aspect of the game. I also believe every experience is a learning experience, whether you are destroying a team or a team is destroying you, there is something that you can learn from it. I also believe improvement is far more important than winning. I think what I will enjoy most about coaching is being able to see the game from a different perspective, as well as being able to see my players improve in every aspect of the game. “One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing it.”

Austin Lyons
Girls U10

I have had 3 years of coaching experience, all with Eau Claire United.  I hold an E coaching license.  I have been playing soccer for 11 years, ending with my high school varsity year.  My teams have had many successes and I was honorable mention all-conference my senior year.  My favorite soccer moment has to be going to the state tournament my junior year and playing against Marquette in Milwaukee under the lights.  I love being able to help the kids get better and be able to spend time with them and see their growth.  My father has shaped my coaching philosophy which is based off of the Wooden pyramid of success – “It’s not about perfection but progress”.

Scott Lyons
Girls U10

I have 15 years of coaching experience, 8 of those with Eau Claire United.  I hold a D coaching license.  The teams I have coached have had many successes, including a state championship for the U14 C2 Boys.  My favorite moment was during the state semi-finals with the U11 C2 Boys.  We needed to win by 3 and secure a shutout to advance and we were able to pull it off – tense, exciting, and unexpected!  John’s Wooden’s Pyramid of Success has been a driving force in my coaching and coaching style.  I think it is based on the process of getting better, not the results.  I like building on the fundamentals and making sure players know them well and understand why things happen.  This game has so much to offer related to team, friendship, and work ethic.  “Have fun and play hard”

Jeff Smith
Boys U11 C1

My wife, Wendy, and I have 3 wonderful children.  We moved to Eau Claire 20 years ago from the suburbs of Chicago and love Eau Claire.  I played soccer in the Chicago suburbs from a very young age, through high school, and into college.  I have a passion for the game and believe there are many life lessons that can benefit all players. My oldest son, Ian, started playing AYSO soccer in 2000 and then played in Eau Claire United in 2004.  I started coaching Ian while he was in AYSO and for several years into Eau Claire United.  Ian’s love for soccer grew as he got older and he is now coaching a team of his own.  Watching Ian develop as a player, person and now a coach has been very rewarding for me.  Soccer has been a big part of our lives.  It’s been a lifestyle for our family for many years. I now have the privilege of coaching my youngest son, Justin’s team (U11 C1).  Like Ian, Justin first started playing AYSO for a couple of years.  I coached him while in AYSO and again with Eau Claire United.  Our current U11 C1 team is a very talented group of boys and it’s extremely rewarding to watch this team develop. I’ve been coaching for many years and hold an ‘E’ license.  I still love to play both indoor and outdoor soccer.  There are two things that have been very rewarding for me since moving to Eau Claire.  First has been to see how the game has evolved in Eau Claire since we’ve lived here.  On any given night in the summer, almost anyone can get in a casual ‘pick up’ game at Soccer Park.  Anyone who wants to play – can.  I believe that the success of the high school soccer programs is largely due to the player development and sense of ‘team’ built by Eau Claire United.  The other unexpected reward from coaching for me has been the many people we’ve gotten to know over the years.  It’s been fun to get to know the families we’ve come to know through soccer and to watch the success of local players and teams in Eau Claire.  The soccer community in Eau Claire has grown substantially over the years and the future looks very bright!

Eric Wirth
Girls U13 C1, C2

This will be my 10th year coaching, I started in 2005 as an assistant coach for Eau Claire United. I received my E coaching license in 2005, my D license in 2010 and my NSCAA Goalkeeper I and II diplomas in 2012.  I have seen many successes with the teams I have coached, including a state championship in 2010 with the U14 C2 team.  I have been playing soccer for 20 years.  I recently played 5 years for the UWEC Men’s Club team.  The team made two trips to the National Club Soccer Tournament in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 2005 and 2009.  My coaching philosophy has been inspired and shaped by a culmination of my soccer experiences: playing, coaching, reading books and articles and watching games.  Each season is different, as every team goes through its challenges and adversities.  It is fun to see how these different teams deal with the challenges that each on faces.  Development is also very enjoyable to watch, be it from practice to practice, or the start of the season to the end of the season.  The improvements technically and tactically a player shows throughout his or her career is extremely rewarding. “If God had wanted us to play football in the clouds, he’d have put grass up there” – Brian Clough.

Jordan Stein
Boys U14 C2

I have been coaching for 2 years, both with Eau Claire United. I hold a National D coaching license. I have played soccer for over 16 years for UWEC, Wauwatosa East High, and FC Milwaukee. I was captain and president of the UWEC soccer team my senior year. My favorite moment in my playing career was traveling to London, England to train with Chelsea Youth Academy.  While training with Chelsea I was able to see and play with some of the best youth players in the world.  I was also given the opportunity to attend several English Premiere League games and Chelsea first team practices.   Watching and playing with these players gave me a better understanding. .  My coaching philosophy is that it is the coaches role to allow players to discover the game by themselves and learn from their mistakes. One thing I that I enjoy about coaching is seeing the players develop as people and soccer players.  I have seen players become more confident on the field in terms of decision making and technique.  Also, I have seen players become young adults. “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” –Vince Lombardi

Shamus Funk
Boys U9, Girls U11 C2

I have been coaching for 12 years, 2 with Eau Claire United. I hold a National D coaching license.  I have been playing soccer since age 6, all the way through collegiate club soccer.  I was the captain and club president of the Minnesota State University soccer club team.  I played in 4 collegiate club national soccer tournaments.  My grand philosophy of coaching is simply to make the game of soccer something that the players will continue to enjoy. Of course that means different things for different age groups and skill levels, but regardless of who the player is, the game should remain something that brings joy to the athlete. As a coach it is my job to ensure that players are challenged during practices and games, often times being put in a place outside of their comfort zone, and that they feel a sense of accomplishment when the day is done. I enjoy helping to guide young players to challenge themselves and become better soccer players, and seeing these same players grow into responsible adults. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”

Sarah Wenner
Girls U12 C2

This will be my second year coaching, both with Eau Claire United. I have my E coaching license. I have played soccer for 15 years, 11 of those years were at the C2 level, and 3 of those years were at the C1 level. In high school, I played varsity for 3 years at the 5A level at Park High School. I also played one season of collegiate soccer at UWEC.   My junior year of high school I was awarded all-conference honorable mention. My senior year of high school I was awarded all-conference, all-state honorable mention, and all-state academic team. My parents have always instilled the value of hard work when it comes to everything in life. In sports, I believe that those who show the most effort and push themselves the hardest are the most deserving. Talent will come. If you have a lot of talent but do not strive for anything further, you will become content. My philosophy is to develop players who always want to be better than their “best.” My most enjoyable moments in coaching are seeing my players come out with intensity and fearlessness. Even if we lose, when I know my girls have given it all they have got, I can leave the field with a smile on my face. “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” – Derek Jeter

Laura Berglund
U12 C2

I have coached for one year with Eau Claire United. I hold an E coaching license.  I have played soccer for 15 years, including one year at UWEC.  In high school I was all-conference honorable mention and won the NSCAA Senior Excellence Award.  My summer coach growing up helped to shape my coaching philosophy that working hard as a team is the key to success. One person doesn’t carry the team in their back, but rather the team as a whole fails and succeeds together. I most enjoy seeing players grow individually and as a team. It’s so fun to start with a team at the beginning of a season and watch them all grow as people and as soccer players. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

David Rosenberger
Boys U12 C1

I have 8 years coaching experience, 4 with Eau Claire United.  I hold a D coaching license.  I have over 20 years playing experience, club soccer, high school soccer, college soccer, and 1 season USISL.  I won state championships playing soccer but they didn’t compare to coaching the winning fall state champion U12 C1 boys last season.  Honestly I have had a lot of pretty poor coaches over the years I’ve picked up a few things but for the most part have what I got from them is how not to coach or behave. I do push for my teams to play fairly direct a lot of short, short long I see a lot of teams passing brilliantly but never taking that chance to go to goal or just be direct and attack. My players are expected to play aggressively but smart on both sides of the ball & always be thinking & backing each other up. I really enjoy watching my players improve individually & as a team. Particularly the ones that maybe don’t start out as the strongest but develop into great players thru hard work and constant improvement. “The team is bigger than one’s self.”

Brittany Burant
Boys U11 C2

I have 3 years of coaching experience, all with Eau Claire United.  I hold a National D coaching license.  I have been playing soccer for many years, most recently 4 years with the Division III NCAA UWEC team.  I was the Playmaker of the Year for the UWEC team in 2011. My coaching philosophy has been shaped throughout my playing career and has been refined through US Soccer Coaching Clinics E and D along with a little trial and error throughout the years. My coaching philosophy is one aimed at player improvement through practice with the opportunity to play their best in matches. I try to encourage players to continually improve instead of just working hard and maintaining the same level of skill. I also believe that many life skills and lessons can be taught by playing soccer and being a part of a team. I enjoy seeing the improvement over the course of a season along with the excitement and joy the kids show when they are successful in a skill or in a match as a team.


David Langlais
Boys U10

I have been coaching in AYSO for 2 years and this is my 3rd year with United. I have a class E license (the first level). I played soccer for 4 years at Jacksonville University, a small Div 1 school in Jacksonville Florida, from ’82 – ’85. I don’t have a favorite soccer moment, but the most memorable moment was being on the most dominant high school team in Jacksonville, Florida, but losing in the city championship game to qualify to go to the state playoffs. Since I have only coached young kids, 9 and 10 year olds, I enjoy watching how much the kids improved by the end of the season.

Ryan Sherman
Boys U10

I have been coaching all types of sports for 22 years, soccer at Eau claire United for one year.  I hold an E coaching license.  My philosophy is have fun, work hard, and always play with good sportsmanship.  “If you can’t shoot straight…shoot a lot!”

David Zumwalt
Boys U10

I have been coaching for 5 years, 3 years with Eau Claire United.  I have my E coaching license.  I grew up playing soccer in the Georgia – in the Atlanta area. Starting when I was 5 playing club soccer and played through high school. Played a little intramural soccer in college. I would say I was a very good soccer player, but never the elite player I wanted to be. This I think still drives me today as I like the idea that one of my own kids, or one of the players that I help coach, could possibly be an elite player someday.My high school coach Carl Bostich helped shape my coaching philosophy. He taught me the concept that soccer starts with fundamentals and defense and builds from there. He also taught me that hard work and preparation pays off. I enjoy the idea that we as coaches can have an positive influence on young people and while they are learning soccer, they are also learning valuable life lessons that will help them the rest of their lives.

Kim Koller
Boys U10
No Bio

Andy Waselchuk
Boys U17

This is my first year coaching, I hold an E coaching license.  I have been playing soccer since age 5.  I played 8 years of club soccer and 4 years at high school, and am a member and captain of the UWEC Men’s club soccer team.  A lot of my prior coaches definitely shaped my coaching philosophy because of the way they coached me. A balance of fun, competition, learning and team chemistry are all things I will implement as a coach. I will enjoy coaching because I will be able to implement my knowledge of the game to other avid soccer players. “Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” -Vince Lombardi